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Shree Gayatri Sweets and Kitchens
We welcome you to the world of sweets. Gayatri Sweets and kitchens today is the best shop in Rajkot. A small story behind us: In 1972, TEJABHAI V. SAKARIYA GROUP started making classic INDIAN SWEETS in a 2-bay shop. Tirelessly testing recipes and ingredients, he struck the perfect balance: a harmonization of flavor, texture, and the elusive dimension of artfulness. Today, GAYATRI Sweet Rajkot is the leading innovator in the sweet industry. We're still owned and operated by TEJABHAI V. SAKARIYA GROUP where Mr. Kailash T. Sakariya & Mr. Kishor T. Sakariya, both are the head of research and development, leading a team of like-minded, passionate researchers and recipe developers. The sweetness of sweets is beloved by every culture on this planet of ours. In this spirit, all of us at GAYATRI Sweets Rajkot invite you to a culinary experience destined to be shared with cherished family and friends. kathiyawadi restaurant in rajkot kathiyawadi hotel in rajkot best restaurant in rajkot caterers list in rajkot caterers in rajkot catering services in rajkot best caterers in rajkot famous caterers in rajkot famous caterers list in rajkot traditional sweets shops in rajkot Bengali sweets shops in rajkot organic food restaurant in rajkot vegetarian restaurant in rajkot famous sweets shops in rajkot best sweets shops in rajkot best catering services in rajkot famous catering services in rajkot
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